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N-Jet's IS-BAO registered Stage III Safety Management System (SMS) assures the utmost in comfort, security, and safety.  

N-Jet pioneered the use of the Apple iPad in the cockpit revolutionizing the real time access to safety of flight information by flight crews. 
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Citation Bravo Added to N-Jet Fleet (new)
Challenger Added to N-Jet Fleet (new)
N-Jet Adds Second Excel (new)
Safety Audit Exceeds Standards (new)
FAA ASAP Program is Now Live at N-Jet
DASSP Approval at Washington Reagan
N-Jet Joins Air Charter Safety Foundation
ISBAO III SMS Compliance in Record Time
ARG/US Platinum Awarded at NBAA

FAA Approves iPad on N-Jet Flightdecks
N-Jet Presents at NBAA ISBAO Conference

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N-Jet Adds a Citation Bravo to its Small Cabin Fleet

August 2014 -  N-Jet has added a Citation Bravo to its fleet of managed charter aircraft.  The Bravo is a small cabin light jet with seating for up to 8 passengers.  With its medium range, the Bravo is an economical non-stop solution for flights within the domestic U.S as well as Canada, Mexico, and Caribbean. 

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N-Jet Adds a Challenger to its Large Cabin Fleet

March 2014 -  N-Jet has added a Challenger 600 to its fleet of managed charter aircraft.  The Challenger is a stand up large cabin aircraft know for its wide body and roomy cabin.  The addition of the Challenger brings the N-Jet managed fleet to a total of ten aircraft of which four are large cabin aircraft.  

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N-Jet Adds a Second Citation Excel to its Mid-Cabin Fleet

January 2014 -  N-Jet has added a Citation Excel to its fleet of managed charter aircraft.  The Excel is a stand up mid-cabin aircraft.  The newly added Excel is equipped with Wifi, Internet, as well as Bluetooth allowing passengers to play music or videos from their iPad, iPhone, or other Bluetooth enabled device.  The addition of the Excel brings the N-Jet managed fleet to a total of nine aircraft including the two Excels. 

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Textbook ARG/US Platinum and ISBAO Stage III Safety Audit

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December 2013 -  N-Jet completed its 3rd biennial ARG/US Platinum and ISBAO Stage III safety audit.  In addition to regular quarterly FAA audits, N-Jet undergoes an extensive ARG'/US and ISBAO safety audit every two years.  Over 600 audit protocols are evaluated, inspected, tested, and verified during the 3 day audit including operations, safety management, maintenance, pilot training and qualifications, organizational processes and company procedures. N-Jet's robust proprietary SMS safety management systems met the challenge with a perfect score.   

N-Jet's FAA ASAP Safety Reporting Program Now Live

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September 2013 -  As part of our overall safety culture and goals, N-Jet has established several world-class safety management systems for our Flight Crew, Maintenance, Ground Crew, Cabin Crew, Dispatch, and other Employees to voluntarily identify and report safety and operational concerns. These programs include SMS Hazard and Opportunity to Improve, CRM reporting, as well as the newly released N-Jet ASAP program for the reporting of safety issues that may have regulatory consequences. The collected information is reviewed and analyzed to facilitate early detection and improve awareness of operational deficiencies and adverse trends. The information specified in employee reports is used to identify the root causes and determine appropriate remedial actions which are then monitored for effectiveness. This process promotes collaboration between employee work groups and management for the early identification of hazards and to maintain a proactive approach regarding safety concerns and corrective action recommendations.

ASAP Program

N-Jet, in cooperation with the FAA, has established an Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) for Flight Crew, Maintenance, Ground Crew, Cabin Crew, and Dispatch employees. The N-Jet ASAP program provides a vehicle whereby employees can identify and report safety issues to management and the FAA for resolution without the fear that the FAA will use the reports accepted under this program to take legal enforcement action against them or that the Company will use such information to take disciplinary action. ASAP is a voluntary, self-reporting program designed to identify and reduce possible flight safety concerns. ASAP uses employee input to identify significant safety concerns and issues; operational deficiencies; non-compliance with regulations; deviations from company policies and procedures; and unusual events. In partnership with all relevant departments and the FAA, each report is investigated and corrective actions determined based on a non-disciplinary approach to flight safety.

N-Jet is Now Approved for Ronald Reagan Washington National (KDCA) Flight Operations

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January 2013 -  N-Jet has received TSA DASSP approval for flight operations at Reagan National Airport (KDCA).  After September 11, 2001, aircraft arriving and departing Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (KDCA) were restricted to air carriers.  In 2006, that authorization was extended to include general aviation and corporate aircraft.  DASSP approved flights are required to originate at a DASSP gateway airport.  Initially, gateway airports were very limited; however, the number of  has grown to over 72 nationwide making the use of the DASSP program much more practical.  Passengers must undergo TSA screening at a gateway airport and certain carry on items are prohibited.  If you have a need or interest in using Washington National, please call N-Jet customer service at 815-455-7707. 

N-Jet Joins Air Charter Safety Foundation and to Participate in ASAP Program

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August 2012 -  N-Jet will be one of the first air charter operators to participate in the ACSF ASAP program.  The Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) is a non-profit aviation safety organization that provides programs to enable on-demand charter providers and fractional program managers to achieve the highest levels of safety in the aviation industry. To achieve this goal, the ACSF has entered into an agreement with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to enhance safety by providing a systematic approach for employees of on-demand charter operators and fractional program managers to promptly identify and correct potential safety hazards..

N-Jet Achieves IS-BAO SMS Stage III Registration

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December 2011 - Just 90 days after successful IS-BAO SMS Stage II approval, N-Jet has completed a Stage III audit and reached the highest level in SMS IS-BAO registration, Stage III.  N-Jet's innovative proprietary SMS applications continue to lead the way in SMS implementation....

N-Jet Receives ARG/US Platinum Award at NBAA

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Oct 2011 - After completing an ARG/US audit in September, N-Jet has been awarded the highest ARG/US safety rating...<more>

N-Jet Receives FAA Acceptance of iPad's in the Cockpit

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Jun 2010 - N-Jet has led the way in obtaining FAA acceptance for use of the Apple iPad to replace paper in the cockpit of aicraft used in commercial air charter operations.  Final FAA acceptance was received with the issuance of OpsSpec A061 earlier this month.

N-Jet Addresses IS-BAO Session at NBAA

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Oct 2009 - N-Jet is the first air charter operator to address the IS-BAO SMS session held annually at the NBAA Conference.  N-Jet presented its innovative SMS solution demonstrated to improve safety of flight. 


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